History of the refuge

The Duca d’Aosta refuge was built in 1938 by Giuseppe Lancedelli and is named after Amedeo di Savoia-Aosta, a member of the House of Savoy, son of Emanuele Filiberto, second Duke of Aosta. The Duke used to frequent Cortina and as was customary at that time, it was considered prestigious to dedicate the refuge to such an illustrious guest.

The ownership and management of the refuge was passed down from father to son until today, and over the years improvements were constantly made to make the Duca d’Aosta more and more beautiful and comfortable.

In recent years, the refuge has been completely renovated by Gianluca Lancedelli, grandson of Giuseppe, who with his family takes care of the refuge and welcomes guests in a modern and comfortable environment.

Stopping at the Duca d’Aosta for skiing, hiking or a holiday will allow you to discover the jewels of the Dolomite peaks, staying in a refuge that is modern, but also rich in history and tradition.
And if you love good food, you can taste the delicious homemade dishes, you will hardly be disappointed!